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Is it a needs assessment if you have already decided on your intervention?

At INASP we provide small grants to support capacity building activities in many areas.  In all areas including mine, the evidence informed policy making (EIPM) programme, we are very interested in if a capacity gap a) exists and b) if the proposed intervention goes some way to filling that gap.  As such we provide small grants to conduct needs assessments and pilot activities.

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As we approach the close of Open Access Week…

This week has been a very interesting as we hear the stories of how librarians (and in many cases students) have embraced Open Access Week.  While I have not attended any events in person, I have been able to share in many — some supported through the INASP competition, others managed and financed entirely by the host libraries.  A common theme and realisation coming out of the activities this year is around the increased visibility researchers get from publishing in Open Access journals and depositing their papers in repositories.  There have also been many comments about the value of using OA articles and an increasing awareness that these are of a high quality as they have usually gone through stringent peer review processes.

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Open Access Week @JKUAT

The Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) Library participated in Open Access Week (OAW) for the first time in 2010. The concept was introduced to JKUAT by Ms Jane Gikandi who was the then Head of the ICT section and has moved on to a different university. The library entered the INASP OAW 2010 competition and won a grant of $300. This helped us in printing of promotional materials.

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Open Access Week — Day 2 at Lupane State University

Lupane State University was awarded one of the INASP Open Access Competition grants for their stakeholder meeting and workshop proposal. This aimed to bring together a range of stakeholders including librarians, researchers, academics and university administrators. This also aimed to create awareness of the importance of Open Access and highlight the need, importance and requirements of an institutional repository. Their Librarian, Sheila Ndlovu, shared this report of yesterday’s event. The Open access week continued today with a presentation highlighting the importance of Open Access. It was argued that OA is about unlocking doors to information and the removal of restrictive copyright laws to help build knowledge sharing communities.  The speaker implored academics that support of OA requires global support for research and creativity which would aid in developing our nation socially, economically and politically thereby bridging the gap between developed and developing nations. He then chronicled the stages of OA from … Continue reading

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Enthusiasm for Open Access

Daniel Mutonga is the the facilitator of the Medical Students’ Association Of Kenya (MSAKE) Open Access Advocacy Campaign. Daniel submitted a winning entry in the INASP Open Access competition.   I first heard of the Open Access Movement in 2011 following the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA) August Meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark. Nick Shockey, the Director to Rights to Research Coalition, made a presentation encouraging IFMSA members to approve the IFMSA policy on Open Access. I was then the President of the Medical Students’ Association of Kenya (MSAKE). Over lunch and between sessions, I got to learn more about Nick and the work he did. We exchanged contacts and we have continued to keep in touch since.

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Open Access Week 2012

From 22-28 October, libraries throughout the world will be taking part in Open Access Week (OAW) activities. This week, we will feature a number of posts focused around this event. For the most part, these will be taken from the winners of the 2012 INASP/UNESCO OAW Competition. This is the third year the competition has run, providing institutions in developing countries small grants to supplement their Open Access (OA) activities. Over the years we have received a wide variety of proposals and this year was no different. Some of the applications have focused on raising awareness of OA sources, others on the value of contributing to OA repositories, but all have the potential to make a significant difference to their community and indicate institutional commitment to sustainability.

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