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Case studies revisited

Applying the learning from past experiences Recently I was drawn to a blog post highlighted by Kirsty Newman (who tweets as @kirstyevidence) – “We overvalue new writing” by @EpicureanDeal. This emphasized the importance of recognizing our information luxury in being able to easily draw on previous writing, blogs and journalism “Time, location, and dry rot play no role in the storage and retrieval of digital works archived in gleaming photons and electrons”. It goes on to say we shouldn’t place all our focus on what is newly produced.

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Scientific publishing in Somalia: An interview with Dr. Jibril Handuleh

Dr. Jibril Handuleh is a psychiatry practitioner living and working in Somalia. He is an AuthorAID mentee as well. We got acquainted with each other recently after he saw my article on the AuthorAID pilot online course in the journal of the European Association of Science Editors. Earlier this month, a short paper written by Dr. Handuleh was accepted for publication in The American Journal of Psychiatry, reputed to be the most widely read psychiatry journal in the world. I was delighted to hear of this success, and I thought his experience may be educational to researchers in developing countries who aspire to publish their work in leading journals.

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Information underload?

“Researchers in developing countries suffer from a lack of access to published research.” This is something I’ve heard several times at international conferences recently. While there ARE issues around, cost, bandwidth, infrastructure, capacity to demand and use research information to name but a few — availability of online journals and books has vastly improved. It seems that awareness of what is available is a significant challenge we still have to overcome. So, to help provide a route for information professionals, researchers and others interested in knowing what is available in developing countries I have compiled a quick list…

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