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INASP from the outside in

I almost dread being asked what INASP does – it’s hard to explain without going into massive amounts of detail about things which are not high on most people’s agendas, or about which a lot of people know very little. That is not meant to sound patronising – before I started working at INASP, I didn’t have much idea about research, higher education, and libraries either! Communicating what we do at INASP to an audience that might not know the ins and outs of research is something we’ve struggled with and we’re always looking for that elusive short description which is pithy, captures the breadth of our work and doesn’t get bogged down in loads of detail. It’s always interesting when I hear my INASP colleagues describing our work – what they focus on, how they present it, what language they use. It’s amazing how many different ways our work … Continue reading

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