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Universities must think about improving all stages of the research cycle

This post was originally published on the ACU’s ‘The world beyond 2015 – Is higher education ready?’  campaign website on 19 November. The campaign aims to raise awareness of how higher education can and should respond to global development challenges ahead of the Millennium Development Goals expiring in 2015.  Visit the site to get involved and contribute your thoughts. This post was written by Jonathan Harle and Sue Corbett. ‘Putting research knowledge at the heart of development’ is the aim of everything we do at INASP, and will be critical if the world is to respond to the challenges of a post-2015 world. Our focus is on the use of information and the generation of knowledge. If the countries with which we work – currently 21 in Africa, Asia and Latin America – are to take control of their own development, and to generate the ideas and the policies that they need to … Continue reading

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Open access and academic blogging

This post appeared originally on BMJ Blogs on 31 October 2013: I’m not a social scientist, so it was with some anxiety that I travelled halfway across the world to attend the World Social Science Forum. The theme, “social transformations and the digital age,” gave me some hope. I teach online and I’m a telecommuter, so I thought as a person of the digital age I wouldn’t be entirely out of place. At the conference, which took place recently in Montreal, I learnt a bit about the “social transformations” part as well, especially in one area: scholarly publishing. A lot is changing in scholarly publishing, so it’s a time of transformations, but what’s “social” about it? I think there’s a clue in two movements: open access and academic blogging.

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