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A comment on DFID’s evidence survey

I finally got around to reading the recent DFID evidence survey which I commend them for carrying out and for sharing so publicly.  I read the review in two ways – the first, to get a sense of how a major development funder uses evidence.  The second, to see how a well-resourced civil service department that values evidence (as demonstrated by the existence of the evidence to action team and the survey itself) deals with the challenges of research uptake. I am particularly interested in the second point because the VakaYiko consortium I manage works to strengthen evidence use in departments in more resource challenged environments and with other pressures that make research use difficult.  I should also point out that VakaYiko is funded under DFID’s Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence (BCURE) programme. This is not a review of the report which was mainly for an internal audience but … Continue reading

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