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The right support and timing can help research systems progress

Sue Corbett reflects on the steps required for progress in improving research systems and on some lessons from a recent visit to Rwanda I have been reflecting on the ways in which all the actors in the “research system” need to function and to collaborate actively with each other for research to be produced and used to inform national social and economic development. On a recent visit to Rwanda, we took an action-oriented systems approach  to analyse what is working, what is not and, with our partners’ help, which of the interventions we can offer will make a real difference. In a very practical way, this is, we think, exactly what Brian Levy refers to in Working with the Grain: “the appropriate point of departure for engagement is with the way things actually are on the ground – not some normative vision of how they should be”. There is no shortage … Continue reading


Journals Online platforms highlight cancer research in developing world

Today is World Cancer Day and research into cancer is going on all over the world. Andy Nobes shares some of the recent research into aspects of cancer published in journals discoverable through some of our Journals Online platforms. The Journals Online project, managed by INASP, provides country-wide or region-wide portals for showcasing research published in those countries or regions and bringing that research to an international audience. In Sri Lanka Journals Online (SLJOL), recent publications on the topic include studies on cancer genetics and the links between substance abuse and cancer. Recent research published in Nepal (Nepal Journals Online, or NepJOL) includes comparisons of different treatment approaches for rectal cancer and studies into adverse drug reactions to chemotherapy. Recent papers in Bangladesh Journals Online (BanglaJOL) cover topics such as parent stress in childhood cancer, potential treatment of prostate cancer and studies of lung cancer in mice. You can use the … Continue reading

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