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Charting the mysterious seas of INASP’s online community

Thoughts on my INASP Internship Joseph Scarlett-Smith was an intern at INASP during July and August of 2013. His work during this time focus on mapping the INASP online community.  This summer I had the pleasure of doing a two-month internship with INASP at their offices in Oxford.  My task was seemingly straightforward: I was to create a ‘map’ of INASP’s online community.  This post briefly outlines the work I did for INASP over my internship, and what made it both so rewarding and challenging. Venturing into Uncharted Territory INASP’s network covers a wide range of websites, social media accounts, mailing lists, discussion lists and blogs. It was quickly apparent that mapping the online community was going to be an extremely intricate, but also extremely interesting task.  So in an effort to capture some meaningful data and a strong snapshot of the online community, we focused on a few key … Continue reading

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