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Julie Walker is the Programme Manager of Publishing Support at INASP and the Director of the AuthorAID project.

How AuthorAID offers you the chance to be a mentor

In an article published on the Wiley Exchanges blog last week, INASP’s AuthorAID director Julie Walker explains the AuthorAID mentoring process and how learned societies can encourage their members to get involved At this time of year, many of us turn our thoughts to how we can make positive changes in our lives and the lives of others. Some of us long to provide practical help and support, but feel we lack the necessary skills or time commitment. For experienced researchers, editors and librarians there is a great way that you can give practical, hands-on support to others and one that doesn’t need to take up a lot of your time or require you to travel. You can support a researcher in a developing country through INASP’s AuthorAID project. The support and advice of people who are more experienced in research communication can make a huge difference in helping these researchers … Continue reading

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Mind the gap

I was recently asked this question: ‘Can you think of a situation when gender mattered to you?’ It was a very difficult question to answer because until a few months ago, I never really thought about the importance of gender. To me it meant filling in a box on a form, or a consideration when selecting participants for our workshops. I never considered what it meant to be a woman in my own society and I rarely thought about what it meant to be female in the countries INASP works with.  Then I was asked to develop our gender strategy. I started reading up on the subject, attended a gender analysis and planning course and reviewed the 2012 World Economic Forum Gender Gap report.  I realised how little I knew about women in the countries we work with and even the country I live in.

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