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Martin Belcher is the former Director of Impact and Learning at INASP.

Policy and financial commitments to research in Africa, Asia and Latin America

By Martin Belcher and Sara Gwynn A recent Royal Society review of global scientific collaboration9 notes that “the challenge of measuring the value of science… faces all the scientific community” p25. For INASP part of measuring this value is in considering the inputs into science, and in particular research, in developing and emerging countries. Understanding if and how financial and policy commitments to research change over time might offer us some useful indicators of the health of the research sector in the countries that we work with and help us in our work to tailor research capacity support to each country’s context. We are particularly interested in understanding these issues in the context of developments over the last 10 years and then looking forward to the next 10. How has the environment changed since INASP has been working extensively in research sector strengthening? What are the wider trends and likely … Continue reading

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The truth about birthday cake

In June I was lucky enough to try a piece of the largest birthday cake I’ve personally ever seen. Not only was it a magnificent cake but it was delicious as well. But why the cake? Well it was INASP’s 20th Anniversary and to celebrate, we organised a 20th Anniversary Symposium that was held in Oxford a few weeks ago – 20 June to be precise. The purpose of the event was to bring together INASP partners from around the world to explore various aspects of research communication and research uptake for development as they exist today, how the field might develop in the future and to eat some cake! Ignoring the last bit for the moment, we structured the day around inviting a wide range of speakers to examine various “truths” associated with the broad area that can be considered the research information and research uptake for development environment.

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