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The INASP Principles in practice: relationships between library consortia and publishers

At INASP we are committed to sustainability in all the work that we do, be it working with researchers to improve their research-writing skills, working with policymakers to build their skills to handle evidence in policy making or working with library consortia to manage access to research literature on a national level. As a part of INASP’s work with library consortia we encourage and help to build up direct relationships between our partner consortia and publishers in order to ensure long-term access to research literature. Over the next few years we will be scaling up our work to build and strengthen direct relationships between publishers and some of our more mature partner consortia. We believe that this is the right time in several partner countries to explore new ways of working. We are seeing consortia partners become increasingly ready to pick up direct relationships with publishers, despite budgets still being … Continue reading

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Open Access Week 2015: Join the conversation with INASP

This week is Open Access Week 2015 and the theme is ‘Open for Collaboration’. INASP, in collaboration with UNESCO, is hosting a competition for 10 successful applicants with grants to support Open Access-related events. Activities will showcase what universities and research institutions within developing and emerging countries are planning and doing. Supported activities in 2015 include the training of rural health workers in Tanzania, events supporting the ‘Reach of Research’ in Nepal and the launch of an institutional repository, along with an open access conference in Cuba. At INASP we will put focus on the week, and on our competition winners, by posting daily challenges and questions around Open Access. All our partners are encouraged to get involved on social media and the Open Access Week website. We hope to share ideas, information and stories from around the world. If you do not already, follow INASP on Twitter @INASPinfo, tag … Continue reading

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How to access research evidence as a policymaker

INASP’s Programme Officer for Information Access, Mai Skovgaard, considers how national collaboration and consortia support access to research, which in turn supports policymakers to use evidence in making decisions. Use of research evidence in decision making for policymakers is critical for supporting knowledge-based debate and decision making during the policy-making process. As the lead organization in the VakaYiko Consortium, the EIPM team at INASP has been working with partners in Ghana and Zimbabwe to develop and deliver a practical evidence-informed policy making course. Participants in the course pilots have been civil servants in research and policy analysis teams whose role is to provide policymakers with the information to guide their decision making. One of the aims of the course is to highlight research as an important part of the evidence spectrum, while also recognizing that there are other forms of evidence that inform policy making such as data, citizen knowledge … Continue reading

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