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Sharing research for development and transformation – part 1

Solving complex development challenges requires knowledge, evidence, consideration of context and practical application. Research therefore has a crucial role to play in addressing global challenges and contributing to the achievement of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs). But for research to have this role it has to be effectively communicated and shared with the wide range of people who can use it to inform the global debates, policy and practice. In the first of two blog posts, Ruth Bottomley shares some of the ways that INASP is supporting the sharing of Southern research and how this will continue within INASP’s new five-year strategy. Continue reading

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Applying a gender lens to the production of research and knowledge

One of the principles in the new INASP strategy is that we will promote equity by actively addressing the needs of both men and women across all of our work. Ruth Bottomley explores what this means. Continue reading

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Open Access plays a vital role in developing-country research communication

In an article first published in a special Open Access-themed edition of  ISMTE’s EON Magazine, INASP’s Andy Nobes considers Open Access and its role in developing-country research communication. Open Access (OA) has always resonated strongly with INASP’s vision of improving access, production, and use of research in developing countries. We meet many researchers, journal editors, and librarians who are passionate about OA as a means of revolutionising access and research communication (both locally and internationally), aiding global collaboration, and helping them to reach their development goals. Knowledge and implementation of OA principles amongst researchers is growing but remains patchy across different regions, and there are many misconceptions about what it means in practice. Meanwhile, OA journal publishing in the global South is progressing, but there are still barriers to overcome. Confusion over definitions of Open Access In our work with researchers in lower-middle income countries in Africa, Latin America, and … Continue reading

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Chemistry researchers attend a participatory INASP research writing workshop

Last month I had the pleasure of facilitating an AuthorAID research writing workshop in Nairobi jointly organized by INASP and the Pan Africa Chemistry Network, a unit of the Royal Society of Chemistry. This was a two-day workshop held on 20 and 21 November 2015, and it was organized right after the PACN Congress in Nairobi. Twenty of the congress delegates took part in the workshop. All were chemists: most were early-career researchers and some had substantial experience. They came from Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. And they were all keen to improve their skills in writing research papers for publication. We have many slide decks on the AuthorAID resource library related to writing and publishing a research paper, but for this workshop I wanted to do something different. On the flight from Mumbai to Nairobi, which was my first time traveling on the comfortable Dreamliner, I reflected on … Continue reading

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Travel grant recipient Om Basukala from Nepal shares his joy on being able to pursue a PhD and acknowledges the support he received from AuthorAID

Thank you AuthorAID and INASP for giving me an opportunity to attend ‘Trieste Course Leishmania 2014’ and present my work at ICGEB, Trieste, Italy, by supporting me with a travel grant last year. This was a dream come true for someone like me in a developing country to kick start my research enthusiasm. I was well appreciated for my presentation and work at ICGEB, which paved a path towards my future research career. It gives me immense pleasure to share with you my recent successful application to pursue a PhD at ICGEB, with an Arturo Falaschi Fellowship award to continue my research work in infectious disease. I will be working at ICGEB, Trieste Tumor Virology Group, being supervised by Dr. Lawrence Banks on disinterring the mechanisms of human papilloma virus-induced tumorogenesis. Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers in women worldwide, mainly in developing countries. Once again, thank you for … Continue reading

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