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The Wisdom of Crowds – Part 2

In her second post of the week, Sue Corbett shares some of the ways that INASP is bringing people together to share ideas and support research systems development. Continue reading

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Firm foundations: access to high-quality materials-science information underpins Ethiopia’s construction work

This week, INASP’s Anne Powell spoke at the UKSG Forum in London. In her presentation, she reflected on the role that INASP plays in supporting the research priorities of countries like Ethiopia. At the UKSG Forum on Wednesday 18th November I was lucky enough to present one of the lightning talks in the afternoon session on “Supporting authors from an HEI perspective”. Having heard experiences from the Universities of Nottingham and Huddersfield in the UK, I was able to share some perspectives about developing-country research. The example that I shared was from my visit to Ethiopia earlier this year when I saw the amount of construction taking place, notably of seven-storey office or apartment buildings. These, my Ethiopian hosts told me, are owned by Ethiopians and destined for occupancy by Ethiopians, truly feeding into the local economy and development. The new buildings are situated on roads that double up as … Continue reading

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Innovation grants at INASP: working across teams to increase use of online research literature

In the recently announced “Innovation grant for using online research literature” we have been able to bring the various components of INASP’s programmes together. In designing and developing these grants, members of four strands of INASP’s activities – Research Access and Higher Education, AuthorAID, Evidence Informed Policy Making and our Communications team – came together to discuss possible barriers to the use of online literature, as they affect each core stakeholder group – librarians, researchers, academics and policymakers. Access to online research literature underpins many INASP activities – researchers need access to these resources to prepare high-quality papers, and policymakers can use evidence from online resources to develop their policies. Researchers and policymakers, along with academics, lecturers and librarians, are all eligible to apply for a grant to support a project that includes an innovative idea of how to increase online research literature usage while also achieving a research, policy … Continue reading

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Travel grant recipient Om Basukala from Nepal shares his joy on being able to pursue a PhD and acknowledges the support he received from AuthorAID

Thank you AuthorAID and INASP for giving me an opportunity to attend ‘Trieste Course Leishmania 2014’ and present my work at ICGEB, Trieste, Italy, by supporting me with a travel grant last year. This was a dream come true for someone like me in a developing country to kick start my research enthusiasm. I was well appreciated for my presentation and work at ICGEB, which paved a path towards my future research career. It gives me immense pleasure to share with you my recent successful application to pursue a PhD at ICGEB, with an Arturo Falaschi Fellowship award to continue my research work in infectious disease. I will be working at ICGEB, Trieste Tumor Virology Group, being supervised by Dr. Lawrence Banks on disinterring the mechanisms of human papilloma virus-induced tumorogenesis. Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers in women worldwide, mainly in developing countries. Once again, thank you for … Continue reading

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Generating and using research knowledge in Malawi

Sue Corbett shares some of INASP’s experience and observations about Malawi’s research system based on a recent visit and many years of working in the country.   Think of Malawi, and you might think of vivid green tea plantations or a sparkling freshwater lake. You probably wouldn’t think about its research and knowledge system – strained, but still alive with new ideas and energy to ensure research is at the service of Malawi’s development. In March a colleague and I made a five-day visit to Malawi, jointly with a couple of our Malawian partners. It was one of a series of visits that INASP staff members are doing to assess the conditions in our partner countries, discuss progress in current projects and understand readiness for further support in strengthening various elements of the research and knowledge “ecosystem”. Malawi is a small, poor country. 60% of its population relies on subsistence … Continue reading

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AuthorAID researchers begin to take up Research Square’s free editing offer

Ravi Murugesan provides an update on the free editing offer available to some developing country researchers in the AuthorAID community thanks to the support of Research Square. Researchers spend months or even years carrying out a research study. When they get to the happy stage of having enough results to write up a research paper, many researchers face a new challenge: writing in clear, precise English. This is particularly difficult for researchers who have limited proficiency in English. At AuthorAID, we work with researchers living in developing countries around the world, and we have often sensed their need for manuscript editing support. Editing even a short research paper can take hours of effort, and is ideally done by a trained English language editor. However, manuscript editing is expensive when one has limited funds, like many of the researchers in the AuthorAID network. With this in mind we were delighted when … Continue reading

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