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Why Obama’s visit wasn’t the only reason for excitement in Kenya this week

The big excitement in Nairobi this week has been President Obama’s impending visit – his first as president. Workers were busy hanging the Stars and Stripes from the lamposts on Thika Road, there were helicopters parked on the lawns of Nairobi and Kenyatta universities, and residents worried that road closures would leave them stranded across the city. As I write this on Friday evening, Air Force One has just landed and the three day visit is finally underway. But for me Nairobi held a different kind of excitement this week – seeing what some of our partners in Kenya have achieved. Dr @AumaObama hugs her brother, US President @BarackObama, on his arrival in Kenya on Friday. http://t.co/MM4r1uFG9H pic.twitter.com/9ZluxXJomu — Daily Nation (@dailynation) July 25, 2015 Enabling research for development in Kenya I spent much of Thursday with members of Kenya’s national library consortium – KLISC. INASP has been working with … Continue reading

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Information underload?

“Researchers in developing countries suffer from a lack of access to published research.” This is something I’ve heard several times at international conferences recently. While there ARE issues around, cost, bandwidth, infrastructure, capacity to demand and use research information to name but a few — availability of online journals and books has vastly improved. It seems that awareness of what is available is a significant challenge we still have to overcome. So, to help provide a route for information professionals, researchers and others interested in knowing what is available in developing countries I have compiled a quick list…

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Library websites as facilitators of research

Kim Pyle recently completed an 8 week internship at INASP assessing library websites of African Universities. Global development is a huge topic. And for a recent graduate wanting to get involved, it’s also a very daunting one. So many organisations working in so many different areas – how do you decide where to put your time and energy to make the most difference?  When I came across INASP and the work that it does supporting development through research communication, I thought I had managed to narrow the field. However, after eight weeks as an INASP intern, I can definitely say that my view of development has broadened rather than narrowed.

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Bangladesh: A country with huge research potential

Nafiz Zaman Shuva is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Information Science & Library Management, University of Dhaka and the President of Bangladesh Association of Young Researchers (BAYR). He is the Managing Editor of the Journal of the Bangladesh Association of Young Researchers (JBAYR) and The Eastern Librarian Bangladeshi researchers are continuously struggling to ensure their presence in the world of research.  Being a faculty member of the University of Dhaka (the largest and oldest public university in Bangladesh) and being the President of Bangladesh Association of Young Researchers (the only national youth research and development association), Bangladeshi authors and researchers are always sharing their experiences with me. These experiences have raised issues such as: the University of Dhaka is still unable to offer relevant information resources, especially online journals and e-books, to faculty members and students; we are also unable to offer a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service … Continue reading

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