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“Digital development” – the last 100 metres

Tech-solutionism is fairly common in the development sector; we regularly hear that a new widget or (increasingly) the latest app is going to transform some aspect of service delivery or save innumerable hours of time. The same thinking has swamped much discussion on higher education (HE) in the last few years, an issue typified by recent talk about MOOCs. And, as the development sector looks increasingly at the role that higher education has to play in transforming societies and economies, the streams run together. Of course technology plays and has played a vital role in development – in medicine or agriculture for example – and technology and online learning offer huge possibilities for HE. But sometimes it feels like we’re caught in our own hype. Undoubtedly, better broadband connectivity, greater mobile penetration, more students with smartphones and laptops – these are all changing the possibilities for learning, and for the way universities … Continue reading

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Science, science everywhere

There seems to be an abundance of articles and posts with the word ‘science’ in the headline lately — at least among those that have been floating around the office.  Sure, ‘science’ is a fairly broad term that can relate to anything from a specific subject to a methodology, but in whatever form it takes, it always seems to grab my attention. Today we have science and gender, science and human rights, and science and open access. We also have bandwidth and open access and a touch of the visual from the Guardian’s datablog.

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Are webinars the way forward?

If you are working globally and looking for a different way to engage stakeholders, webinars are becoming increasingly common. The attractions are many – not least the possibilities of hosting scalable, multi-country training sessions or meetings in the most cost-effective way possible.

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The truth about birthday cake

In June I was lucky enough to try a piece of the largest birthday cake I’ve personally ever seen. Not only was it a magnificent cake but it was delicious as well. But why the cake? Well it was INASP’s 20th Anniversary and to celebrate, we organised a 20th Anniversary Symposium that was held in Oxford a few weeks ago – 20 June to be precise. The purpose of the event was to bring together INASP partners from around the world to explore various aspects of research communication and research uptake for development as they exist today, how the field might develop in the future and to eat some cake! Ignoring the last bit for the moment, we structured the day around inviting a wide range of speakers to examine various “truths” associated with the broad area that can be considered the research information and research uptake for development environment.

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