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Ten Videos on Evidence and Policy

Here are a few of our favourite videos featuring researchers, policymakers and practitioners all over the world discussing key issues in evidence-informed policy: what it is, what the challenges are, and how to address them. Got more to share? Please tell us in the comments! 1 What is EIPM? Here Louise Shaxson of the Overseas Development Institute’s Research and Policy in Development programme draws on her experience with the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to explain the concept of evidence-informed policy making, highlighting the role of processes within public institutions: “you can have the best evidence in the world but if you put it through poor processes you won’t get good evidence informed policy making”. At INASP we see these processes as a complex set of structures, relationships and behaviours within public institutions that shape how evidence is gathered, synthesised, appraised and communicated to inform policy. 2) Getting … Continue reading

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Poems from a Library Ambassador

Kenneth Mukigi is a 19 year old student at the Co-operative University College of Kenya, studying for his Bachelor of Co-operative Business (BCOB). He works as a Library Ambassador with one of INASP’s partner librarians.  “I am glad to be a student ambassador because I want to be involved with the university activities – it gives me a level of responsibility. I am eager to meet new people, including other ambassadors, and I always welcome exposure to different opportunities. I also have an avid passion to give back to my society, which has raised me to the level I am” – Kenneth Mukigi Kenneth started writing when he was in primary school. He is inspired to write by the environment and society that surrounds him and is currently working on a novel, “The Chapter”. Kenneth wrote the two poems featured below after working with INASP.

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INASP from the outside in

I almost dread being asked what INASP does – it’s hard to explain without going into massive amounts of detail about things which are not high on most people’s agendas, or about which a lot of people know very little. That is not meant to sound patronising – before I started working at INASP, I didn’t have much idea about research, higher education, and libraries either! Communicating what we do at INASP to an audience that might not know the ins and outs of research is something we’ve struggled with and we’re always looking for that elusive short description which is pithy, captures the breadth of our work and doesn’t get bogged down in loads of detail. It’s always interesting when I hear my INASP colleagues describing our work – what they focus on, how they present it, what language they use. It’s amazing how many different ways our work … Continue reading

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What does ‘Capacity Building’ really mean?

Jonathan Harle is Programmes Manager (Research Capacity) at the Association of Commonwealth Universities A few weeks back, Jonathan Tanner of ODI offered some important observations about the way we talk about development.  His plea is that we use the word ‘development’ less (‘it is too easy to hide behind the word ‘development’… it is too easily misunderstood, it doesn’t always mean the same thing…’), to ‘be more precise about the work we do’ and to ‘junk the jargon’. His thrust is that we need to get better at being much clearer about what we mean – not simply use ‘development’ as a catch all which disguises more than it explains. We need to do this not only so those outside the sector can understand but also so we can be clearer amongst ourselves.

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Are webinars the way forward?

If you are working globally and looking for a different way to engage stakeholders, webinars are becoming increasingly common. The attractions are many – not least the possibilities of hosting scalable, multi-country training sessions or meetings in the most cost-effective way possible.

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Welcome to Practising Development

Practising Development explores issues, shares learning and presents ideas related to research communication and development. Managed by the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP), the views and opinions expressed on Practising Development are those of the authors and do not neceesarily represent those of INASP.

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