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Research access and getting published: challenges in developing countries

What does a day in the life of researcher or librarian in the global South look like? Here, university staff from Uganda, Zimbabwe and Ghana share their experiences of their daily work, accessing information and publishing research findings.

Interviews by Katie Lewis

Translating research into practical solutions is vital for overcoming big global challenges like hunger, disease, inequality and climate change. But for these practical solutions to be effective, it is important to understand the local context. In-depth and locally generated knowledge is key to solving local development issues. Continue reading

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Publishers: how are you working with developing countries?

Last year INASP published some principles for publishers concerned to do business responsibly in developing countries. To recap, these principles include: Making the effort to understand the country context – understanding local needs and going beyond the capital city Respecting a country’s wish to negotiate as a consortium or purchasing club – looking for alternative routes or withdrawing access during negotiations can damage relationships and reputations Not making sudden changes – explaining plans early and giving consortia time to prepare Thinking medium to long term on pricing – budgets won’t have increased just because countries are willing and able to deal directly Being realistic about sales expectations – so where increases are needed, making these affordable, incremental and predictable We discussed these with a number of you during a lively session at last year’s Publishers for Development conference (see this video of my presentation or view all the sessions here) … Continue reading

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