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Navigating the wealth of Open Access resources

Open Access resources have become increasingly common in recent years, with a wide range of supporters from researchers to publishers and international organisations such as UNESCO. While this can greatly improve a resource’s availability, it is equally important to increase the accessibility and visibility of these resources if they are to make a greater impact. Open access is a key area of interest for INASP and for many years we have been collecting and displaying information about the growing number of resources available on our website. As we have recently launched our new website we were given a great opportunity to reflect on what we are listing, why it was important to list these resources and how we can best display them.

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Open access and academic blogging

This post appeared originally on BMJ Blogs on 31 October 2013: http://blogs.bmj.com/bmj/2013/10/31/ravi-murugesan-open-access-and-academic-blogging/ I’m not a social scientist, so it was with some anxiety that I travelled halfway across the world to attend the World Social Science Forum. The theme, “social transformations and the digital age,” gave me some hope. I teach online and I’m a telecommuter, so I thought as a person of the digital age I wouldn’t be entirely out of place. At the conference, which took place recently in Montreal, I learnt a bit about the “social transformations” part as well, especially in one area: scholarly publishing. A lot is changing in scholarly publishing, so it’s a time of transformations, but what’s “social” about it? I think there’s a clue in two movements: open access and academic blogging.

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Publishers for Development updates and hold the dates!

Interest in Publishers for Development (PfD) continues to grow amongst our publishing partners and the wider community. Face-to-face networking is such an important part of our work so we have just posted information about our 2013 conference which will be held in Charles Darwin House, London on October 15th. This year the title we’ve chosen is ‘Forward Thinking: Developing a global research cycle which fully engages south and north‘ we are still finalizing the conference programme but it will have the following themes: The changing landscape of availability (revisited) Southern publishing: why we need to ensure its sustainability Publishers for Development in Action – Awareness, Access and Use What we measure matters… but what we measure isn’t all that matters Advocacy is everything

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Information underload?

“Researchers in developing countries suffer from a lack of access to published research.” This is something I’ve heard several times at international conferences recently. While there ARE issues around, cost, bandwidth, infrastructure, capacity to demand and use research information to name but a few — availability of online journals and books has vastly improved. It seems that awareness of what is available is a significant challenge we still have to overcome. So, to help provide a route for information professionals, researchers and others interested in knowing what is available in developing countries I have compiled a quick list…

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From open access to openness

This post was written by Jörgen Eriksson. Jörgen is the manager of the Department of Scientific Communication at Lund University Library.  I attended the Berlin10 conference in Stellenbosch, South Africa, 6-8 November, 2012 thanks to funding from INASP.  It turned out to be a very successful and well organized event and here I provide a summary of some highlights and key arguments. Pre-workshop on “Open access policy development and advocacy” To summarise the four case studies presented at the pre-workshop on “Open access policy development and advocacy” could be done in a few words: Team effort! Slow progress!

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ePosters are innovative, interactive and inclusive

I attended the Berlin10 conference in South Africa a couple of weeks ago. The theme was ‘Networked scholarship in a networked world: Participating in Open Access’. Following Open Access Week in October and the INASP’s Open Access Competition — see Anne Powell’s post ‘Open Access 2012‘ for more information — it seemed like a poster at Berlin 10 would be a brilliant way to share some of the achievements.

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