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High prices could drive developing country researchers to use pirate websites like Sci-Hub

Sci-Hub – a website that finds a way through paywalls to host free copies of over 40 million journal papers from major publishers – has been a topic of much discussion in the last few weeks. My aim here isn’t to get into the rights and wrongs of the site – I’ll leave that for others. But it is a good opportunity to reflect on a deeper problem, one that INASP sees – and works to solve – daily. In short, access to essential research is just too expensive for many institutions and individuals in the developing world. That’s something that we need to talk about. It’s also something we should be worrying about. Struggles to access research hamper development If researchers and students are still struggling to access what they need, then that’s a major obstacle to them reaching their full potential. That’s not just an issue for individual … Continue reading

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