Research into climate change is vital in countries that are on the frontline of feeling its effects

Strong local research and knowledge systems are vital in tackling local and global problems, and a great example of this is in tackling climate change. Siân Harris looks at a few of the ways that INASP has been supporting Southern environmental research and its use in policy.

Evidence Spotlight: Overcoming challenges to using evidence in the Parliament of Malawi

Photo: Parliament of Malawi ——————————————————————————————————————————- In this Evidence Spotlight INASP’s Emily Hayter interviews Kondwani Chikafa (image, right), Senior Research Officer...

Botswana Parliament Building

Evidence Reading: How do governments get great?

House of the Parliament of Botswana in Gaborone. The paper discussed in this evidence reading cited Botswana as an example...

Journal publishing in Nepal is challenging

– Dr. Mina Nath Paudel is Editor In-Chief of the Agronomy Journal of Nepal & Chief of the National Agriculture...

The Parliament of Uganda’s first Research Week

The Parliament of Uganda’s first Research Week

In August the Parliament of Uganda held its first ever Research Week to increase the demand and use of evidence in the Parliament of Uganda.

Evidence Spotlight: The Use of Evidence in Public Health Policy Making in Zimbabwe

Onesimo Maguwu tells that there need to be some way of making the 'messages' more relevant to the policymakers for evidence-based policy in health care.

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