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Discussing science over a steaming cup of coffee

Gilchriste Ndongwe is the Project Manager of the Knowledge and Library Unit at Zimbabwe Economic Policy Analysis Research Unit (ZEPARU) and a member of the Research Council of Zimbabwe. Most people in Zimbabwe consider a café an ideal place to catch up with friends and relatives. Historically, “café society” has offered other forms of social interaction, like live music, poetry readings and even stand-up comedy. Few people would imagine discussing science over a steaming cup of coffee with a live band, but in recent years the café has become the chic venue for weighty issues.  Around the world a growing trend is to share a jolt of java with managed discussions from invited scientists. In this friendly, informal and interactive setting, they unravel their mysterious world with the public and colleagues alike. This approach to science communication is known as the Science Café. The first of these in Zimbabwe were recently … Continue reading

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Something worth celebrating

There are a number of interesting links this week including an interview, a survey and the spread of the Science Café. However, before jumping into that, you may have heard that this year marks INASP’s 20th anniversary and, to celebrate the occasion, we held a symposium in June that focused on discussing a number of accepted ‘truths’ that impact on research, information and development.  Our latest newsletter focuses on this important milestone featuring articles that look at our past and our future as well as contributions from speakers and participants of the symposium.

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