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Series: ‘Q&A’ with Publishers for Development speakers

Joshua Okonya is a Research Associate at the International Potato Center (CIP) in Uganda. He will be speaking at Publishers for Development on the 28 June about his research into the impact of pests on crop yield, the resulting impact on food security and how this is affected by climate change. What is your main area of research? My area of research is crop entomology. I collect baseline information about pest related crop losses, looking at the impact of these losses on farmers’ livelihoods and how climate change affects this. I look at pest management strategies for sustainable crop production with the hope of improving the food security and livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Uganda. How does your work relate to the SDGs or international development more generally? The research projects I work on aim to achieve food security for the smallholder farmers in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi (SDG 2); … Continue reading

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How good publishing partnerships can support development

This blog looks at how strong partnerships in publishing can support development, particularly in light of the Sustainable Development Goals. This will be a key focus of 2016’s Publishers for Development meetings. It was originally published on Digital Science’s Perspectives blog. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of far-reaching goals towards reduced poverty and a fairer and more sustainable world over the next 15 years, came into effect at the start of 2016. They have much to say for anybody working in international development but also for anybody working in the areas of research and research information. The goals are intended to tackle key issues for alleviating poverty and addressing inequality – and in issues such as climate change, agriculture, clean water and health, to name a few, there is a clear role for research and researchers. The 17th and final SDG – Strengthen the means of implementation and … Continue reading

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Publishers for Development: principles, partnerships, responsible business

The Publishers for Development conference is an opportunity help shape the discussions about information access, information equality and how this can help developing-world research make a difference to developing-world problems. Anne Powell shares some topics that we will be discussing next week. Continue reading

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