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“Digital development” – the last 100 metres

Tech-solutionism is fairly common in the development sector; we regularly hear that a new widget or (increasingly) the latest app is going to transform some aspect of service delivery or save innumerable hours of time. The same thinking has swamped much discussion on higher education (HE) in the last few years, an issue typified by recent talk about MOOCs. And, as the development sector looks increasingly at the role that higher education has to play in transforming societies and economies, the streams run together. Of course technology plays and has played a vital role in development – in medicine or agriculture for example – and technology and online learning offer huge possibilities for HE. But sometimes it feels like we’re caught in our own hype. Undoubtedly, better broadband connectivity, greater mobile penetration, more students with smartphones and laptops – these are all changing the possibilities for learning, and for the way universities … Continue reading

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Sri Lanka’s scholarship reaches wider audience with communications support

INASP’s Emily Marlow recently spent a week in Sri Lanka working with the country’s National Science Foundation to improve its communications strategy for Sri Lanka Journals Online (SLJOL), the INASP-established platform for Sri Lankan research. She reflects on her trip’s goals and successes. As a communications specialist, the objective of my visit to Sri Lanka was to work with the National Science Foundation (NSF) to look at key ways to publicise SLJOL both within Sri Lanka and internationally, and to support the development of a strategic communications plan with a focus on the platform. Since its beginning in 2008, SLJOL has grown substantially and now has 60 journals and up to 18,000 views per month. The site was originally managed by INASP but a phased handover to NSF began in 2013 and is due to be completed by the end of 2015. As part of this handover, SLJOL is now … Continue reading

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