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The state of art in ‘Monitoring and Evaluation’ and ‘Impact Evaluation’ practices

Reflections on the UK Evaluation Society Annual Conference (2013) The UK Evaluation Society (UKES) Annual Conference is a unique opportunity to share knowledge and experience with other Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and Impact Evaluation (IE) professionals. Three main points for reflection inspired by the two-days of presentations and debates of this year’s edition that I would like to highlight here: The definition of Value For Money (VFM), that during a session facilitated by Save The Children was broken down into economic vs. operational VFM — the former as economic benefit coming from the implementation of the programme, the latter as the intrinsic value of the service (often having a public nature) provided by the activity (having better quality education is good per se, not dependent on the cost of provision); The IE community now is ready to leave behind the (sterile?) debate qualitative vs. quantitative methodologies for IE – a theory based mixed approach is considered to tacke more efficiently with the complexity … Continue reading

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An interview with Clara Richards

Clara Richards is a development professional who has worked for CIPPEC and the Overseas Development Institute. She is the current coordinator of the Evidence-Based Policy in Development Network. Earlier this year, Clara and Vanessa Weyrauch (from CIPPEC) carried out an evaluation of INASP’s programme to teach pedagogy skills to those who train African policy makers in the use of evidence. Following this evaluation, Clara took part as a participant in a similar training programme in Kuala Lumpur — this time for trainers of Asian policy makers. To complete the cycle, later this year, she will take on the role of co-facilitator at a further workshop — pedagogy for trainers of policy makers in Latin America.

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