Conference presentation highlights INASP’s support of climate research


This afternoon INASP Executive Director Sue Corbett will speak and present a poster at the International Council for Science’s “Science and the Road to Transformation: Opportunities in the post-2015 global climate regime” meeting in Paris, France.

This event aims to explore the scientific knowledge from different disciplines and parts of the world that can drive and support a world transformation to a low-carbon future. It will take place ahead of the major international scientific conference on climate change “Our Common Future under Climate Change”, which ICSU is co-organizing in partnership with Future Earth, UNESCO and major research French institutions, including CNRS, INRA, IDDRI, and IRD.

Sue’s presentation will give an overview of some of the ways that INASP supports the communication and use of climate change research across the organization’s activities.

The publisher resources that are made available for free or at low cost through INASP from over 50 publishers include more than 200 journals, conference proceedings, books and monographs that mention environmental topics in their titles. In addition, many of the other resources cover closely related topics such as agriculture, earth science, chemistry and biology.

The Journals Online platforms provide online access to more than 4300 climate-related articles from southern journals.

INASP’s AuthorAID community includes researchers working in environmental science and related disciplines. AuthorAID partners with Pure Earth (formerly Blacksmith Institute for a Pure Earth) to deliver research writing training to earth scientists. See here for information about the latest course and this article in the Huffington post about last year’s course. AuthorAID travel grants have also funded researchers in environmental fields to attend conferences related to their research.

In addition, as part of INASP’s evidence-informed policy making work, the INASP-led VakaYiko programme is funding a series of round table meetings from the African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) about climate change science and technology and its impact on policy in Kenya.

The roundtables brought together policymakers, climate scientists, journalists and community members to discuss and promote the use of evidence in the formulation and implementation of the Kenya Climate Change Policy bill. As an extension to this, a job shadowing programme enables climate scientists to shadow policymakers.

To follow discussions at the ICSU meeting see the hashtag #CFCC15.

Photo: Solar panels in Nepal. Photo by INASP’s Jon Harle


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