Journals Online platforms highlight cancer research in developing world


Today is World Cancer Day and research into cancer is going on all over the world. Andy Nobes shares some of the recent research into aspects of cancer published in journals discoverable through some of our Journals Online platforms.

The Journals Online project, managed by INASP, provides country-wide or region-wide portals for showcasing research published in those countries or regions and bringing that research to an international audience.

In Sri Lanka Journals Online (SLJOL), recent publications on the topic include studies on cancer genetics and the links between substance abuse and cancer.

Recent research published in Nepal (Nepal Journals Online, or NepJOL) includes comparisons of different treatment approaches for rectal cancer and studies into adverse drug reactions to chemotherapy.

Recent papers in Bangladesh Journals Online (BanglaJOL) cover topics such as parent stress in childhood cancer, potential treatment of prostate cancer and studies of lung cancer in mice.

You can use the Asia Journals Online (AsiaJOL) portal to search all the Asian JOL platforms. Some of the hundreds of recent papers on cancer include research on cervical cancer screening in Nepal, racial differences in breast cancer, and tobacco-related cancers in Western India.

For more information about the Journals Online platforms visit the INASP website here.

Andy Nobes
Andy Nobes is a Programme Coordinator at INASP.

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