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‘Reading organizations’: a new diagnostic tool to improve knowledge to policy systems

Introductory blog in a series on new approaches for organizational change Author: Clara Richards, Senior Programme Manager, Evidence-Informed Policy Making Team, INASP Over the four years INASP and Politics & Ideas have been improving knowledge to policy systems, we have heard a great deal about the complexity public agencies operate in. Seeing the need for new approaches to address this complexity, we developed the ‘Context Matters’ framework. The framework summarizes key organizational factors influencing how government agencies use or don’t use knowledge. This year, we are ready to apply it as a new diagnostic tool to improve the use of knowledge in policy within a government agency. We will use the tool to: diagnose the current state of knowledge production and use in a government agency. identify areas that have potential to catalyse change. co-produce a feasible change plan that reflects the agency’s realities and possibilities. Finding a government agency … Continue reading

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