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Global challenges need global talent

This week we brought together higher education and research leaders from across the world to think about how global talent could be harnessed to address global challenges. Jon Harle discusses the importance of working together and the role that INASP can play.

Data, dialogue and development – why the last kilometre matters

The last kilometre – or even the last 100 metres
Picture this. A kilometre from your desk there is a warehouse where the world’s most relevant, timely and credible data and knowledge are instantly available... but you can only access or contribute to it one page at a time.

Students at Mzumbe University

Transforming teaching and learning in East Africa

Young people have a vital role to play in development, and universities are important sites to nurture their skills and...

Critical skills for change: universities, young people and learning

Young people have a vital role to play in their countries’ development. There are now 1.8 billion young people (between...

We won’t achieve the Sustainable Development Goals if developing country researchers can’t play their part

We have a problem. We desperately need to bring research and knowledge to bear on the world’s most pressing problems....

Re-imagining higher education in Sierra Leone

Re-imagining higher education in Sierra Leone

‘The worst of times and the best of opportunities’ This piece was previously published on Jon Harle’s Medium blog site,...

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