Beyond islands of good teaching to achieve change at scale

Over the last few years, INASP and partners in East Africa have been working together to rethink how universities can...

Participants at Ethiopia Gender FoParticipants at Ethiopia Gender Learning Forum workshop

Tackling the gender divide in African research systems

To produce the most relevant and rigorous research we need the voices, ideas and expertise of women and men. But...

How can you transform teaching and learning to make it more relevant? Learning from our colleagues in Tanzania and Uganda at the USAID Higher Education Summit

On 10 May, INASP and TESCEA partners hosted a panel session as part of the USAID Higher Education Global Evidence...

Transforming Higher Education for Social Change: a model from East Africa – inviting change leaders in higher education to a mini-conference

Are you leading change in teaching and learning – as an academic or as a university manager or leader? Join...

Logo for the TESCEA model.

Transforming Higher Education for Social Change – a model from East Africa to support significant learning and transformation

Working with partners in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, we are pleased to share a new scalable pedagogical model to support lecturers and institutions in low resource settings to transform their teaching and learning practices.

Headshots of people who shared stories for Digital Universities Africa project,

Innovation in digital learning is helping make higher education more resilient in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria

Earlier this year INASP collected stories of innovation in digital learning from three African countries as part of a British Council project. Jon Harle shares some of the key themes that emerged across the stories.

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