Transforming Higher Education for Social Change: a model from East Africa – inviting change leaders in higher education to a mini-conference

Are you leading change in teaching and learning – as an academic or as a university manager or leader? Join us on Wednesday, March 9, 11-13h EAT to hear how our “born in East Africa” model and methods could help your university, your staff and students, and the communities you serve.  

What is this about? 

Transforming Higher Education for Social Change: a model from East Africa is a rigorous methodology of pedagogy and curriculum redesign that supports lecturers to rethink their teaching and to become facilitators of student-centred learning – helping students, both women and men, learn how to think, not what to think. 

This improved learning experience fosters the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills and allows for practical learning beyond the classroom that can improve a graduate’s employability. 

Developed by the East African TESCEA partnership, our online courses, toolkits, and case studies are specifically designed to support lecturers and institutions in low resource settings to transform their teaching and learning practices. You can learn more here.

With this mini-conference, we celebrate and announce the launch of this new collection of resources, and tell stories of change from across the partnership. We hope it will inspire you to join us to support wider change in higher education. 

Who is mini-conference for?
East African Vice Chancellors, Deputy Vice Chancellors, Deans and Directors, and representatives from regulatory bodies in higher education and others leading change in higher education across the region and the continent. 

Register here.


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