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Data for entrepreneurship: could AI-enabled social platforms support young entrepreneurs in Cameroon?

How could AI-enabled social platforms foster youth entrepreneurship and the business climate in Cameroon? Dr. Pierre Abomo, Mireille Ntachagang, and...

Value for funding: the story of how a grant mobilized a country towards engaging Guatemala’s scientific diasporas

In June 2021, INASP launched a call for empowering Southern researchers and evidence professionals through an AI-enabled social learning platform....

Using AI to reduce knowledge inequity – a transdisciplinary approach

How can digital tools and artificial intelligence (AI) break some barriers in scientific collaboration, communication, and the use of research...

Image of Brasilia with Brazil flag.

Improving the culture of evidence-informed decision-making in the Brazilian public sector

How can the culture of evidence-informed decision-making be improved in the Brazilian public sector? Davi Romão discusses some findings from using the Context Matters framework to consider this question.

Exploring the cracks in our knowledge systems

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted and emphasised many of the inequities in our current knowledge systems, but it has also provided an opportunity to reflect on what could be improved, as Maha Bali, Chalani Ranwala, Joy Kiiru and Jon Harle discuss.

Picture of people involved in the DAP project.

“Finding the figures we need”: supporting data use for SDGs at the Parliament of Ghana

Agnes Titriku of ACEPA shares recent progress on the exciting two-year Data for Accountability Project – which helps the Parliament of Ghana to improve the national quality of life through evidence, using data to oversee progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

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