Weekly highlights – 10 July 2015



For me, the workshop was a very rewarding experience. I am overall pleased with the participants’ learning and progress in this [training of trainers workshop].”
Maria Kovacs, Lead Trainer on the recent Network of Trainers workshop in Uganda

“The workshop was so wonderful…I enjoyed  the active participation of participants, cooperation among the different groups and the feedback part of it was very fantastic.  Looking forward to applying this in the next trainings.”
Lady Mary Kabapagasa of Mountains of the Moon University, part of the CUUL Consortium, who was one of the participants in the Network of Trainers Uganda workshop

2. Updates

3. Upcoming events

  • From 27th-31st July representatives of library consortia from across Africa will meet together in Ethiopia for the African Regional Meeting. The objective of this meeting, which will include representatives from Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania, Malawi, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, will be to support our consortium partners as they develop further as organizations with the strength to secure, provide and manage access to e-resources.
  • From 28th-30th July the VakaYiko consortium will hold its annual meeting at GINKS’ headquarters in Accra, Ghana.
  • From 29th-31st July we will be organizing a pedagogical skills follow-up workshop for teaching staff at the University Dar es-Salaam Information Studies Programme.

4. Recent publications

5. External coverage


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