Weekly highlights – 20 November 2015

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“It is very difficult for people here to find information/access opportunities because of so many different reasons- conflict, technology, electricity, connections, etc. I am very thankful for this network because I’ve learned so unbelievably much since I joined recently. I learn something new everyday. Its amazing really to be able to connect, communicate and give advice/support to one another despite our distances.”

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  • On Thursday we welcomed INASP’s Board of Trustees for their first board meeting in our new office and lunch with INASP staff. We said goodbye and thank you to John Wood, who comes to the end of his time as chair of the board, and welcomed Jo Beall, who has now stepped into his shoes. See photos on our Facebook page.
  • This week, Ron from ZeipNET, one of the members of the VakaYiko Consortium, is visiting from Zimbabwe. See photos on our Facebook page.
  • Anne Powell gave an overview of INASP at the UKSG Forum on Thursday. See here for more information.
  1. Upcoming events
  • Veronika Schaeffler is in Kenya between 14-21 November for an African Regional Licensing and Negotiations workshop. The workshop, facilitated by Ann Okerson and Helena Asamoah-Hassan, includes delegates from Ghana, Uganda, Zimbabwe & Kenya.
  • INASP is a gold sponsor for UbuntuNet-Connect 2015, the 8th Annual Conference of the UbuntuNet Alliance for Research and Education Networking taking place in Maputo Mozambique between 19-20 November. As part of its sponsorship, INASP will be supporting six engineers – two from each of RENU (Uganda), TERNET (Tanzania) and ZAMREN (Zambia) to attend the conference. Peter Burnett, Programme Manager for Library Curricula and Network Management, is attending the event and will be meeting with the CEOs of the three supported NRENs.
  • Sioux Cumming will be travelling to El Salvador to conduct the first JOL workshop in the country. The workshop will be held from 30 November to 2 December 2015. Currently, there are 4 journals from El Salvador on LAMJOL, but with a total of 25 participants at the workshop, this is sure to increase. The editors will be trained to load their own content. There will also be discussions on improving the quality of their journals.
  • AuthorAID staff, associates and embedding partners from around the world is meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka next week for the AuthorAID annual meeting.
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