Weekly highlights – 23 June 2015

  1. Staff quote

“We are really looking forward to this year’s Publishers for Development meeting on 30th June in London. It is a great opportunity to bring together speakers representing our Southern library consortia partners with the Northern publishers that work closely with us. We have been very pleased this year with the level of engagement already in our #inaspPrinciples from the publishing community and from our consortia partners who have been sharing their experiences so constructively via Community of Practice discussions.”

Anne Powell, Programme Manager, Information Access and Publisher Liaison

  1. Updates

– This week the second workshop of our first learner-centred librarian trainer of trainers course is taking place in Uganda.

– To coincide with this week’s training course in Uganda, we have produced a new factsheet for the country.

– The Photo of the month for June 2015 was taken at a recent VakaYiko evidence-informed policy making course in Ghana.

  1. Upcoming events

– At the end of July, representatives of library consortia from across Africa will meet together in Ethiopia. The objective of this meeting, which will include representatives from Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania, Malawi, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, will be to support our consortium partners as they develop further as organizations with the strength to secure, provide and manage access to e-resources.

– The Publishers for Development conference will take place in London on 30th June. It can be followed using the hashtag #pfd2015 and discussions will particularly focus on responsible engagement between publishers and library consortia (see the hashtag #inaspPrinciples).

– From 28th-30th July the VakaYiko consortium will hold its annual meeting at GINKS’ headquarters in Accra, Ghana.

  1. Recent publications

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  1. External coverage

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