Weekly Highlights from INASP – 7 April 2016



“The purpose of research evidence in development planning is to use the best evidence available to make development planning decisions. Most of the best evidence stems from research. But evidence-based development planning goes beyond research use and includes development expertise as well as target population’s preferences and values.”

Charles Sakyi, Executive Director, CEDEP at Policy Dialogue series, Kumasi, Ghana, 31 March, 2016


Upcoming events

  • INASP staff, associates and consultants from around the world met in Oxford this week. On 4 April participants discussed INASP’s strategy and shared updates on INASP work. This was followed, on 5-8 April, by a Training of Trainers course.
  • Following the Training of Trainers workshop in Oxford, VakaYiko Consortium partners GINKS and ZeipNET are in London on 11-14 April for political sightseeing and meetings with INASP’s EIPM team.
  • Clara Richards, Emily Hayter, Faaria Hussain, Annie Zaman along with the VakaYiko partners attended ‘What works for research uptake’ event at the Wellcome Trust on 12 April 2016.
  • Anne Powell and Mai Skovgaard attended this year’s UKSG conference on the 11–13 April and Anne presented on 12 April.

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