What caught our eye last week


As the site description says, this blog aims to “explore ideas, discuss issues and share learning around research, information and development”. At INASP, we see a lot of information coming through and do our best to share it internally and externally. Whether this information is a new item, an opinion piece, an article or an interesting infographic, we like to keep an eye out for anything that might be interest.

So, in an attempt to do exactly as the description says, we’ve pulled together a handful of some of the more interesting items we’ve seen in the past week. This week, we’ve chosen:

  1. How to solve impossible problems: Daniel Russell’s awesome Google search techniques (John Tedesco)
  2. The Money-Empathy Gap (Lisa Miller)
  3. Knowledge, Policy and Power in International Development: A Practical Guide (Louise Shaxon)
  4. Working with the grain and swimming against the tide (David Booth)
  5. Do cultural differences explain some of the variation in who blogs and what they say? (Berk Ozler)



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