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Collage of photos of early researchers from Africa and Asia in different settings

Enabling equitable knowledge ecosystems in Africa and Asia

In the second half of 2022 we undertook a self-evaluation of our Global Platforms for Equitable Knowledge Ecosystems (GPEKE) project....

Jigsaw puzzle pieces

Navigating uncertainty with our partners

INASP’s executive director John Young looks back on a year where work at INASP continued against a backdrop of significant local...

What do we mean by working in coalition?

We talk a lot about ‘working in coalition’, and it forms the theme of our annual review of 2021, but what do we mean by the phrase and what difference can working in coalition make to improving equity? John Young discusses.

Supporting research and knowledge in a pandemic

As we begin a new year with an uncertain situation continuing around the world, John Young reflects on the year that has passed and on what we can learn from the unexpected way that the year unfolded.

2020: the year the world turned inside out

John Young reflects on highs and lows of a challenging year and discusses the importance of supporting equitable knowledge ecosystems in various scenarios for the future.

Diagram illustrating the project.

How an equitable knowledge ecosystem can improve adolescent health in Northern Nigeria

John Young discusses the role of policy engagement and collaborative planning in helping health interventions to be effective amongst adolescents in Northern Nigeria.

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