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Helping Sierra Leone’s students develop their critical thinking skills during a pandemic

How do you support the development of critical thinking skills when a pandemic stops face-to-face engagement and internet infrastructure is fragile? Veronika Schaeffler discusses how INASP has adapted its support to higher education in Sierra Leone this year.

Critical thinking course screenshot.

Online course and blended learning help students develop critical thinking skills

Veronika Schaeffler shares reflections from INASP’s experiences of developing and piloting an online course to help students improve their critical thinking skills

Online course builds M&E skills for library networks

Veronika Schaeffler, INASP Programme Officer, describes how a new online training course has been helping Southern library networks to understand their research collection usage better.

Training supports libraries to monitor use of e-resources

Training supports libraries to monitor use of e-resources

Veronika Schaeffler discusses the importance for research and development of monitoring and evaluation of e-resources for library consortia and reflects...