What caught our eye last week


The UK looks poised to take a big step into Open Access. Last week, Ian Samples (the Guardian) looked at the UK government’s plan for ‘Free access to British Scientific research within two years’. The UK would be the first country to take this controversial step.

We recently came across a report published by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) entitled ‘Learning purposefully in capacity development’ (Alfredo Ortiz and Peter Taylor, IDS). The report analyses long and short term objectives of capacity development activity as well as what to take into consideration when deciding how to monitor the on-going process and evaluate the impact of the whole activity. This is a must read for any capacity development organisation.

While not specifically related to research communication and international development, we did find the following links interesting. The first is simply the introduction of walking routes on Google maps for Africa. The second is a visual representation of life expectancy and child poverty in London as a tube map — see ‘Lives on the Line’.


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