Poems from a Library Ambassador

Kenneth Mukigi is a 19 year old student at the Co-operative University College of Kenya, studying for his Bachelor of Co-operative Business (BCOB). He works as a Library Ambassador with one of INASP’s partner librarians.

Kenneth Mukigi  “I am glad to be a student ambassador because I want to be involved with the university activities – it gives me a level of responsibility. I am eager to meet new people, including other ambassadors, and I always welcome exposure to different opportunities. I also have an avid passion to give back to my society, which has raised me to the level I am” – Kenneth Mukigi

Kenneth started writing when he was in primary school. He is inspired to write by the environment and society that surrounds him and is currently working on a novel, “The Chapter”.

Kenneth wrote the two poems featured below after working with INASP.



INASP, observing the nature around you,
I get to feel the feeling within me,
Stunning display of the gorgeous Jacaranda,
Under the canopy of knowledge,
Casting off the summer of illiteracy,
You impart me with springs of nour.

With huge INASP firm roots,
The heart of development,
Full of minerals and nutrients,
Your heart is a paradise,
A heart, so
Strong to hold and be numerous.

The juicy healthy stem,
Nourished with bright precious Emerald,
To stem INASP content and resources,
A precious stone, to remove the scum in
My skull.

Blessed with fresh purple flowers,
Flowers, so beautiful with a killer scent,
A magnet of attraction and seduction,
I seek shade under the Jacaranda,
To always drip wet of Education.

Dancing with Emerald

Emerald! Emerald! Emerald!
The Name goes without saying
Educative, Motivating, Erudite, Reliable, Approves, Leading, Developing
Are words to describe Emerald
Dancing with your resources in pure styles
To the peak of my knowledge
The fantastic display of information
You changed my style of culture
From the lazy dog to a vital cog
A mother to me
To cuddle me with your milk
To grow, full of knowledge, power, skills and strength
Like two shores in the ocean
Shall never go apart
But always fall in love
Emerald! Emerald! Emerald!
The talk of my mind and heart

Sarah Buckmaster
Sarah Buckmaster provides freelance communications support for INASP.

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