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Sustainability is a dynamic process

INASP has recently evaluated the long-term sustainability of projects under the Strengthening Research and Knowledge Systems programme. Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Fran Deans shares some of the findings. Continue reading

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The INASP Principles in practice: relationships between library consortia and publishers

At INASP we are committed to sustainability in all the work that we do, be it working with researchers to improve their research-writing skills, working with policymakers to build their skills to handle evidence in policy making or working with library consortia to manage access to research literature on a national level. As a part of INASP’s work with library consortia we encourage and help to build up direct relationships between our partner consortia and publishers in order to ensure long-term access to research literature. Over the next few years we will be scaling up our work to build and strengthen direct relationships between publishers and some of our more mature partner consortia. We believe that this is the right time in several partner countries to explore new ways of working. We are seeing consortia partners become increasingly ready to pick up direct relationships with publishers, despite budgets still being … Continue reading

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Building capacity of Africa’s library consortia

Jon Harle reports on the recent library consortia meeting in Addis Ababa about building strong foundations for research to deliver African Union’s ‘Agenda 2063’ Last week’s workshop in Ethiopia wasn’t about libraries. It was about taking a vision of research and higher education – a vision of enabling development, tackling critical problems, improving the delivery of basic and much-needed services, preparing Africa for a changing world – and pulling that down to the detail of skills, of organizational processes and structures, of defining and addressing priorities through the incremental, day-to-day steps through which capacity is developed, services improved and progress made. One of my frustrations after the Senegal African Higher Education Summit in March was that we weren’t discussing the ‘how’ – and realising these ambitions for research and higher education will depend on taking high-level goals and translating them to real and sustained improvements in myriad areas, so that … Continue reading

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