Enabling an equitable Ethiopian research system – declaration

In November 2018, the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (EAS) and INASP held a dialogue event in Addis Ababa bringing together a range of stakeholders to explore issues of equity in research. As a result, EAS has now published a declaration outlining a vision for a strong, sustainable and self-sufficient research system for Ethiopia and steps required to achieve it.

The Government of Ethiopia has recognized the critical role that Ethiopian research plays in development, as articulated in Ethiopia’s Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy, 2012.

In order for this vision to be realized we need stronger cohesion and collaboration across the national research system. Recognizing that many actors within this system have a role to play in achieving national development aspirations, the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences and INASP convened a dialogue event with national research and policy institutions and government representatives to explore approaches to enable a cohesive and equitable research system.

The dialogue resulted in a vision for a strong, sustainable and self-sufficient Ethiopian research system which:

  • Values, aligns and responds to Ethiopian needs, informs national policy, delivers impactful research in support of national priorities and operates within an independent space
  • Recognizes and builds on the wealth and variety of knowledge within Ethiopia, while also looking to shape the future of research globally
  • Is collaborative, participatory, and trans/multi-disciplinary in approach, recognizing that all types of research have a role to contribute to achieving national development needs
  • Supports and sustains diversity and inclusion by creating a conducive environment that values and encourages all research voices – regardless of gender, institution or region etc.

A declaration published on the EAS website and officially launched at a meeting in Addis Ababa last week calls on the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, academia, civil society, the private sector and all stakeholders to play their share in achieving a unified, nationally driven Ethiopian research system that is able to respond to national priorities.

Read the declaration here.


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