Bangladesh dialogue event considers a roadmap to research excellence

Next week in Dhaka, a dialogue event, hosted and developed by Bangladesh Academy of Sciences (BAS) and INASP, will bring together members of national research institutions, policy institutions and government to consider the challenges in the research system in Bangladesh and within a wider global context.

This is the second of a series of country-level dialogue events that are being convened by INASP. These events recognize the many challenges faced by national research systems in balancing different research priorities, funding allocation decisions and complex higher-education landscapes. Such national-level challenges can be missed when they occur in countries that are already disadvantaged by global inequities in research and knowledge.

The event in Dhaka, which will take place from 5-6 November, will use facilitated group work to generate the vision and roadmap, presentations to provoke thought/discussions and experiential learning activities to strengthen collaborative working, the meeting will seek to support progress towards a world-class, equitable research system in Bangladesh.

The key aims are to facilitate participants to:

  • Develop a shared vision of a world-class, equitable Bangladeshi research system that helps the country to achieve its development priorities
  • Develop a roadmap for collaboratively achieving that vision
  • Identify any gaps in knowledge, skills or resources needed to achieve the vision

The event will generate a collective vision statement; a draft roadmap for achieving the vision; and a communique of outcomes. It will also identify people and steps for taking the process forward.

This meeting follows a similar event in Uganda last week. Read more about the outcomes of the Uganda meeting here.

  • If you are interested in attending the Bangladesh dialogue event, please contact Bangladesh Academy of Sciences ( or Sioux Cumming at INASP ( for more information.
  • Follow the ongoing discussions on Twitter with the hashtag #researchequity.

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