Stakeholders from across research system agree bold vision for research excellence in Bangladesh

On 5-6 November 2018, representatives from across the research and knowledge system in Bangladesh gathered in Dhaka to share experiences, challenges and ideas for a more equitable research system within the country and for a stronger role in the global research landscape.

The dialogue event was organized and co-hosted by Bangladesh Academy of Sciences and INASP.

Over the course of two days, journal editors, librarians, senior managers in higher education, IT specialists, government officials and researchers took part in group activities and discussions to help identify the key issues facing research in Bangladesh.

A shared vision

The meeting resulted in a shared vision for Bangladesh’s research system:

Our vision is a research system that generates the world-class human resources and knowledge that lead Bangladesh to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, being an economically developed nation and offering a promising future for all of its people—a future that is safe, healthy, equitable and sustainable.

Our vision for a strong Bangladesh research system is one that is underpinned by:

  • Good leadership – consisting of functional institutions with effective governance, led by visionary, strong and pragmatic leadership.
  • Effective partnerships – engaging productively with policymakers, industry media and people of the country, with all stakeholders working together in harmony; and enabling cross-professional and cross-border partnerships to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Empowered people – with equitable access to resources for research, and fair recruitment and recognition, promoting the development of world-class human resources in line with local and global need.
  • Strong research output – towards a prosperous Bangladesh, with outstanding research outcomes that generate knowledge to lead Bangladesh to an economically developed nation, with a knowledge-based society, ensuring a safe, sustainable and healthy future for all of its people.

Participants from Bangladesh are now working on actions to turn this vision into a reality.


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